Contributing a Resource#

Thanks for your interest in contributing an educational resource! There are two approaches to do this: linking to an existing open resource or adding your resource directly to the Python in Chemistry repositories. Either way, it is vital that the following conditions are met:

  • Your resource must be shared with an open licence (i.e., CC BY 4.0)

  • You must identify all of the contributors to the resource (this is most easily done by making the resource a Git repository)

With these conditions met, please see below for approach-specific guidence.

Linking to an Existing Resource#

If you want to link an existing resource, please edit the linked-resources file on Github (click the pen icon to edit), add your resource to the list, commit your changes, and open a pull request on the repository. We will try to address your pull request as soon as possible. Please follow the format of the other resources in the list, i.e., including a name for the resource, and the host organisation.

Adding Your Resource Directly#

To add your resource directly to the pythoninchemistry organisation, please contact Andrew R. McCluskey to discuss how to transfer the GitHub repository.