Welcome to Python in Chemistry!


Welcome to Python in Chemistry!#

The aim of Python in Chemistry is to promote and improve coding education in the chemical sciences. In these webpages, we will keep documentation about the work of the Python in Chemistry community and open-source educational material that my be used to teach Python to chemistry students.

Get Involved#

The easiest way to get involved in the Python in Chemistry community is to join the discussions on Github. To be involved in the discussions it is necessary to have a Github account.


Drs Benjamin Morgan, Fiona Dickinson, and Andrew McCluskey founded pythoninchemistry.org when they were working at the University of Bath. It was started as a place to advertise their work to introduce Python programming to chemistry students, however recently (in 2024) the website has obtained a new purpose, to discuss the work of the growing Python in Chemistry community. A good place to start to learn about this community is reading the blogs that came from the “Teaching Python in Chemistry Meeting”, discussing the State of Teaching and the potential for a future Shared Resource